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More than just a Bookkeeping Service ...

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Business Growth

So you've got all of your financial reports but what now?? What does it all mean? Working with you, we provide meaning to these numbers. You will be shown how to understand the implications of the reports putting you in a position to make better business decisions. Decisions that will provide opportunities for growth and development.
We will also work with your business to identify opportunities for continuous improvement on the shop floor, greater efficiencies and strategies to improve your bottom line.

General Bookkeeping

Keeping your day to day business transactions up to date is an important aspect of running any business. We can perform basic bookkeeping and data entry of these transactions for you in an accurate and timely manner to ensure your on-going compliance with the Australian Taxation Office. 

Payroll Services

Your staff are the backbone of your business. As such, it is imperative that they are paid accurately and on time. We have a track record of providing timely and accurate payroll services to our clients which means that you can be sure that this aspect of your business will run smoothly.


With Government regulations relating to superannuation constantly changing, every business needs to be certain that employee superannuation is being correctly reported and paid. We regularly attend seminars and obtain regular updates from the ATO and other sources to ensure our knowledge is always as up to date as possible so you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of correctly.


We can provide fully electronic lodgement of all files including
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS) - monthly or quarterly
  • Installment Activity Statements (IAS)
  • Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)
  • Payment Summary Annual Report (PSAR)
Where legislation permits, our electronic lodgements can afford clients with an extended lodgement and/or payment deadline. Schugarni Business Services complies with the BAS Agent's Professional Code of Practice to ensure that your lodgements are completed - and checked - correctly each time.

End of Year

The end of the tax year brings about a frenzy of activity in the office of every business. We can take the pressure off of you by providing all of the end of year processing and reporting for you. From preparing your files for your Accountant, to reconciling and processing your employees' payment summaries and the associated payroll report lodgements to the ATO, we can relieve you of this stress and burden.

Periodical Review

Getting your data entered and keeping it up to date is only part of the job. Every business needs to be certain that the quality of their data entered is also accurate and compliant with the ATO's GST/BAS laws and regulations. We can perform a review of your datafile at the end of each period to check its accuracy and compliance. We will then advise you of any issues identified in the form of a written report to ensure your peace of mind.

Admin & Secretarial

Many businesses require greater support than simply bookkeeping. To ensure that your office runs smoothly, we can provide a range of adminstration and secretarial services. Everything from typing correspondence and documents to establishing procedures for the efficient and effective operation of office tasks. Feel free to discuss your needs with us.